Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fanta-Moss by Bianca

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Fanta-MossFanta-Moss (Design Made in 2009)
This design I made sometime in 2009 when I was starting
my nail art business in the Island of Boracay, Philippines.
I got inspired with the colors from one of the airplanes I saw
on my way to Boracay from manila - Zest AirWays.
I saw the tail of the plane and thought of it's a nice color combination.
And so, when I arrived home, I gathered all my materials and did the colors
on my nails then I just added some other color details for more originality.
So, for the base color, I used Elianto brand Dark Green and Neon Orange
(can't remember the exact name, sorry). Painted Diagonally onto nails.
Then, I used a thin paint brush and painted a thin diagonal white and black lines.
And, applied top coat to finalize.
Nice color combination, right?
It's easy to make.
Try it then share your creations as well.
and I will feature it in my WebsitesFacebook PageGroup, and other sites.

Hope you like the design!! ^_^
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Thank you! x
“ Beautiful Nails For Beautiful Women ” – Bianca Santos, Owner

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