Saturday, February 16, 2013

Star Fishy by Bianca

“ Beautiful Nails For Beautiful Women ” - Bianca Santos, Owner
Star Fishy
Star Fishy (Design Made in 2009)

This design was made together with the design "Seashell by the Seashore"
that was created sometime in 2009 when I was in Boracay Island, Philippines.

Boracay Island is one of the BEST Beaches in the world.
And it is!! With pure white sands, crystal clear blue water, and you can even
swim in the sea with about 5 to 10 kilometers away of just pure sand.
No corals, no plants, nothing to hurt your feet while swimming.
And every sunset, you can get THE BEST sunset shot in this place.
Always stunning!
It's also a great place to party as every night, you can go bar hoping (it's just
bar after bar after bar after bar).
During day time, it's very nice to swim, eat good food, and walk down the beach.
During night time, it's very nice to party!
Wear want you want, drink anything you like, just pure fun and enjoyment!

So, since I was in this Island, while walking on the nice shore of the beach,
in my surprise, I saw this random blue starfish.
It actually looked like this:
Blue Starfish
Blue Starfish (not the actual starfish I saw)

long thin tentacles and was blue!
I never saw any blue starfish like this before.
I think he was lost.. hehe :D

So, for the design, I painted clear silver glitter for the base polish.
Then I painted (Elianto) Blue color Starfish and did a black outline
and dots for some details.
Then, topped it with clear top coat to give out shine.

There you go, a simple blue starfish.
Cute isn't it?
Lots of people from the Island loved it and I did as well! :)
I hope you liked it as well!! ^_^

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“ Beautiful Nails For Beautiful Women ” – Bianca Santos, Owner

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