Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nail Art Polish: Easiest Way to have Your Nails Designed!

Nail Art Polish is one of the simplest form of doing nail art. No need to buy machines, printers, gems, or stencils. All you need is colored polishes, creativeness, wild imagination and viola! You have your own nail art design!

Nail Art Polish is the system that I am using right now. I am doing all manually. Before when machines for nails are not yet improved and developed in the industry, all nail technicians use this kind of system. Nowadays, since machines and printers have been fully developed and has been out in the industry, almost all nail technicians and salons use this products to do their form of nail art design. But me, until now, I still use the manual method of it. Brushes, water, toothpicks, and polishes are my equipments. With the help of wild and artistic imagination, you can have your nail art designs from nail polishes.

Painting nails has been popular from a very long time. It has been known from all over the globe. In the early age, when nail polish was not yet available, they use their natural materials in decorating and painting their nails, body, and skin. It had its different ways, stages, perspective, and purposes in life for almost all people. When nail polish was invented and had been known in the industry, almost all women used this as fashion and making themselves attractive. Experimenting and creating new stuffs in the form of art called nail arts is very interesting and rewarding as well. It can be appreciated and admired by almost all people.

Nail art polish has different types, namely: Nail art designs, colors nail art, pedicure nail art, nail art brush, and marble nail art.

Nail Art Design
is the most common nail art. It will cost your a bit more rather than the other nail art polish. This is usually done in salons with the help of machines and paraphernalia used for nails. Gel nails, acrylic nails, and French manicure are known in this type.

Color Nail Art is usually done by combining two or more colors on the fingernails by dividing the nails into different sections. I often use this in designing my nails because it goes well with different decorations and this is mostly getting attraction from people. This is very easy to do. You can do this on your own. Divide your nails into different sections and paint them with different colors. Let them dry and you have your color nail art. You can also use nail art pens to do some drawing and lines with it.

Pedicure Nail Art also known as toenail art. It is usually done to your thumb toenail and the other toe fingers with less design. Why only the thumb finger? Because it is easier to put the nail art there and is the most visible toe nail on your feet. When you do this on your own, most women usually chooses the simple designs to put in because it hurts their back and getting a bit hard on doing it. I also do this in my nail designing.

Nail Art Brush is usually done with the help of different kinds of brushes. Different width, length, sizes, and form of the brushes. Since I do the manual type of designing, I use this kind of method. Designing, decoration, drawing lines, shapes, pictures and other stuffs to the nails with the help of thin brushes. Thin brush is the common brush they use because its easier to adjust the volume of the nail polish used in drawing designs.

Marble Nail Art is usually done in water. It is a bit hard work doing it and need to have more nail polish remover because it has lots of excess polish around your fingernails, but in return, it has a very nice a unique design you can make. How to do it? Simply drop two or three small amount of nail polish to the water and combine another drop of small amount of polish, make a design using a toothpick and dip your fingernails in the polish. Make sure that you dip your fingers to the water while the polish is wet so it will attach more to your fingernails and also make sure that the nail polish on the water can cover all your fingernails because if not, you will have to re-do it all over again. I tried this recently and its a bit hard but I will get used to doing it. I made couple of color combination with it and it had a very nice result.

Painting your nails is not that easy and not that hard job to do. Just experiment, combine colors, apply decorations, and you will have your most amazing nails ever with the use of nail art polish!

If you have any questions or suggestions about doing nail art polish, please feel free to contact me at Contact me now for you to have the most unique and incredible nail art you will have in your life!

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