Monday, December 14, 2009

Having problems in choosing your nail designs? Here are some tips on How to Choose your own Nail Design

How to choose nail designs are a bit tough for lots of women. They almost always have hard time which ones to choose and which ones to make to match their appearance and clothes.

How to choose nail designs may vary in different ways such as: occasion, season, personality or mood, nail polish color, texture of designs, and the like.

Women nowadays like to look not only beautiful but attractive to other people. They like to be noticed all the time. Clothes, make-ups, and hair is not only the things that you need to enhance to be attractive but your fingernails as well. Nails can be instrumental in creating special effects and designs that adds a touch of glamor, extra appeal, and attraction to your dress and appearance. Nails are very important part of our body, they tend to look small but they play a big role for beauty. We color them, clean them, and take good care of them, for them to stay healthy, strong, and beautiful.

One of the best way to choose your nail design is by matching it to the clothes you wear. You can apply two different colors on top of each other. I recommend you to put one dark and the top one is weak color or the light ones like colorless glitters, metallic light colors or gold. You can always be creative and artistic in putting shades and combination of colors on your nails. You can have 2, 3, or more colors in your nails if you want. It all depends on what you like and what will suit you with your dress on.
You can also try choosing designs according to the season or occasion. You can have holiday nails, Christmas nails, heart-decorated nails, flowers for weddings, or other kinds of design you want according to what occasion you are going through.

Choosing nail design can also be according to your personality or your mood. If your a rock star, you can paint it black and have the rock star design on your nails. If your simple, you can only put simple designs. If your happy try putting smiley faces on your nails or bright colors that will make your nails also happy. If you want to experiment on your nails, you can have all in different design. It all depends on how you feel and how your personality goes.

Choosing the right nail polish color is also one way to choose your nail design. Having nail design is not always having drawings,piercings, or shapes on your nails. Nail designing can also be as simple as putting the nail polish in it. Combining different colors, putting different shades, and/or by just putting simple but attracting color nail polish on you nails.

Texture of designs can also help you choose your nail design. It can be shapes, lines, dots, swirls, drawings, or simple as color combination. I usually do color combination and putting shapes and lines over my nails. It looks simple, attractive, and suits me whatever I wear. You can also do the same. So you don't have to worry what color of your dress to wear. It's all in one to go.

There are lots of things on how you will choose your nail designs. Women and men can always be creative and artistic in so many ways. They like and love experimenting to make them look good. There are different ways and different designs to choose from. Make your mind work. Make it think wild, creative, and artistic. Then you could know how to choose your nail design.

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