Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nail Art History

Nail Art History is not so easy to investigate because there are lots of contradicting theories about nail arts.

Nail Art History is one of the ways where we can know where really nail art originated. Some says that Japanese are the ones who practiced it first, some says that Italians did, and some says that it's the Chinese who did it first.

Nail Art is the most versatile and the latest fashion among most women nowadays. As for many other art forms like body paint, face paint and others, nail art also requires wild imagination and creativity, and with this, it gives way to the mind to do unique and enduring designs and patterns on the nails.

The various forms of nail art trends to include nail polish mainly to color fingernails and toenails. During 5000 years ago, India has been very popular and known for henna and using barks of trees to dye and manicure their nails. Manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment that can treat just hands, just nails, or can be both, and later on applied by nail polishes and includes nail filing and shaping the nails. It is usually done and enjoyed not only by women but men as well.

Traced back to 3000 B.C., the first nail polish has been made in China. Chinese created varnishes and lacquers for the nails and with the advance form of science and technology, many other forms of nail art with other forms of quality, finish and beautiful colors came into existence. During 600 B.C., Chinese royalties often choose gold and silver to enhance their nails but after the 15 centuries, royalties then chose black and red and had been used over the centuries previous.

Egyptians also did the same thing as Chinese did but the difference is they use reddish brown. Egyptians also used nails colors to signify the social order of their people with shades of red at the top. Kings and Queens colored their fingernails and toenails ruby red and Cleopatra chose a deep rust red. Women of lower rank only allows to color their nails pale hues.

There isn't much things recorded about nail polishes up to the 19th century. Until now, nail polishes and nail art are very popular. A lot of women are very trendy and stylish when it comes to their nails. Not only women but also men are getting conscious about how their nail looks like. Nail art history really did made a big help for us to make look our nails beautiful and attractive.

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Nail Art History

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