Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nail Art Decals and Contact Center of the Philippines

Nail Art Decals and Contact Center of the Philippines went to the World Trade Center yesterday to celebrate the “After Shift Call Center Agents Day” organized by Armie Duarte's team. Over 50 call center companies celebrated and jammed with the battle of the bands featuring “Parokya Ni Edgar” and “Chicosi”, watched models ramped the stage, went gaga with the lights, lasers and effects, and lots of girls went nuts having their fingernails done with different kinds of designs.

This was actually my first ever event I had since I started having my Nail Art Decals business. Within just >a few weeks of starting my business, Philippine Call Centers gave me a chance to share my fingernail art. During a 6 hour non-stop fingernail designing marathon, I had a long queue of girls wanting their fingernails to be done and made them so happy after transforming their fingernails from plain and no-polish fingernails to the most dashing and gorgeous fingernails they ever had! And this didn't cost them anything at all, I specially gave this service for FREE!

Surprisingly, I had a number of nail costumers wanting their fingernails to be beautiful too. I never thought beforehand that one quarter of my costumers would be male and this opens up a whole new world to me. Wow fantastic!

Thank you so much for the people who helped me out in the event especially to Tim Bennett and Armie Duarte and of course, to the Contact Center of the Philippines who made it possible for me to advertise my company be introduced to lots of other companies in the event.

Hope to see you and your nails soon at your upcoming events, parties, weddings, or other celebrations that you may have.

Contact me now at biancasantosnailartdecals@gmail.com and book your event!


  1. It was a really cool event and fantastic for your first event ever. Well done and I am proud of what you have done in such a short time.


  2. Tim,

    thank you so much for the comment.
    Hope to have more shows with you again.

  3. Contact Center Philippines aim is to not just simply exceed your requirement, but to become partners to our clients’ business success.

  4. Thank you so much Taking You Forward for dropping by some comment. :)