Saturday, November 20, 2010

VERY CHEAP Digital Nail Art Printer without Monitor ON-HAND FOR SALE!!

Wanna have your nails design in less than 10 minutes?

Then BUY your own Digital Nail Art Printer NOW!!

Order NOW and get your Digital Nail Art Printer without waiting for days and weeks!

Nail Art Decals is selling Digital Nail Art Printer Without Monitor for ONLY P55,000.00. It is already ON-HAND so no need to wait for days or weeks just to have your Digital Nail Art Printer. Have your fingernails designed and be treated the right way.

Digital Nail Art Printer Without Monitor

Digital Nail Art Printer without Monitor ON-HAND!!

Price: PHP 55,000.00

Dimension: 66 x 36 x 36 (cm)
Gross Weight: 17 KG
Voltage: AC 85-260V
Power: 18W
Function: Color painting on 5 fingernails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles and ornamental articles; intelligent identification (Computer should be purchased by user).
- 1 Set of Host Painting Machine
- 1 Set of Fingernail Beautifying Device
- 1 Set of Toenail Beautifying Device
- 1 Set of Flower Beautifying Device
- 1 Set of Adornment Beautifying Device
- 1 Set of Colored + Black Ink Cartridge
- 1 Power Line
- 1 Set of Special Painting Liquid:
- 5 bottles for nails (hands and feet)
- 5 bottles for adornments
- 3 bottles for flower
- 1 Disc of Demo Video (in English, teaches you how to operate the machine)
- 1 Software Disc (contains: data of patters, drivers and digital painting system)
- 1 USB
- 1 User's Manual in English
- 1 Warranty Certificate
- 1 Quality Certificate
- 2 Books of Chart Gallery
- Software supplied. Computer not supplied. More than 3000 designs are supplied. Accept any JPG pictures freely.
- Memorize every operator’s printed times.
- Automatically detect the shape and size of nail.
- Dual light system is adopted
- By exchanging a simple clip mechanism the printer is adapted from fingernails to toe nails.
- Five finger nail printer with a USB interface that allows to connect to owner’s personal computer.

For more details please contact Bianca at 0917 347 4541
or email me at


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  1. Please tell me how i do nail art printing from ur printer

    where could i see that printer in India. I wan to sell these printer in India
    Kindly send the proper prices duty delivery time

    First Preference is I wan to see the practical

  2. Hello Akal,

    How are you? Thank you so much for your message.
    Im so sorry for the late reply.

    Anyways, As for your question, I actually do not know where you can buy the printer in India, I am from the Philippines, but I can deliver the digital nail art printer to you in India.

    How to do nail art printing from the digital nail art printer? The Digital Nail Art Printer comes with the installer, so u can either install it to your computer and plug it to the printer OR install directly from the printer. Depending on what Digital Nail Art Printer you will purchase. It prints pictures on your fingernails like printing on paper. It is very unique and beautiful.

    For the delivery price going to India, i need to know where are you in India exactly, so I can get the price for delivery for you. and the delivery time as well.

    I will try to look for you where you can see the actual printer there in India. and then, i will get back to you.

    Akal, do you have other contact details? like mobile number or email address? so it would be easy for us to talk about your concerns.

    For other questions and concerns, you can contact me at +63 917 347 4541 or email me at

    Thank you so much Akal.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Take care and have a nice day.

    "Beautiful Nails for Beautiful Women"
    Bianca Santos
    Nail Art Decals

  3. Please tell me how I feel ur nail art printer
    where I could see the printer in India. I wan to sell this printer in India
    Please send us the correct delivery price obligation