Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nail Art Decals and Ties N Styles

Nail Art Decals would like to congratulate Tie N Styles for a very successful event: Wedding Avenue 2010 held last September 10, 11, and 12, 2010. It was really fun and I am very happy for being a part of their event. I am really thankful to Ties N Styles for giving me this great opportunity to meet other people and being able to design 100 women's fingernails!!

Wedding Avenue was actually a wedding fair. It was all about weddings of course, how to plan your wedding, which cake to have, what souvenirs to give, and which gown to wear. It was a really nice event because there are more than 100 booths to visit and choose from and of course, Nail Art Decals was one of those 100 booths! Nail Art Decals was also the only Nail Art booth in wedding avenue.

I was really happy to be a part of this event, primarily because with a little bit of care and love I was able to transform their nails into works of art. I am very happy to see these women falling in line and changing their chipped nails into customed designed fingernails, waiting for their nails to be designed, and seeing their wonderful smile in their faces after giving their fingernails a make-over! It was nice swapping stories and chatting with the girls while they were sitting with me.

You might be wondering why Nail Art Decals is in a wedding fair. Actually, having your nails designed as a bride is also very important. You want to make your wedding the most dashing and most beautiful thing that ever happened in your life! Your wedding would not be complete if your not going to have your nails made up and designed. Imagine, you're walking down the isle, going to meet your handsome groom, and when he holds your hands, you have chipped,ugly,and disgusting fingernails!! Isn't that awful?

That is why Nail Art Decals is here to help you make your wedding completely beautiful and unforgettable for both the bride and the entourage.

If you want to make your wedding complete from head to toes to fingernails, then call Bianca at 0917 3474541 and book your wedding nail art designing NOW!


  1. Thank you so much Ties and Styles for the great opportunity you gave me :)

    I am so happy being a part of Wedding Avenue 2010.

    Hope to see you again. And see you on wedding Avenue 2011 !! :)

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Bianca :) See you soon!

  3. Thank you so much melody for your comment.
    Looking forward in working with you again. :)

    It was really fun knowing you guys. :)