Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nail Art Training Program


-Nail Art Decals-


mobile: +63917 347 4541

look for: Bianca

Nail Art Decals is now open for training people who are interested in learning how to do nail arts.

Basic Training: P750 per hour

Minimum Time: 3 hours

Maximum number of students in one training: 5



(For Business Use):
- Discussing how and why nail art is important
- How to Wow your clients!
- DOs and DONTs when handling a client
- Correct cleaning procedures tools and importance of doing it
- Basic cleaning of nails
- Dos and DONTs in cleaning fingernails
- Proper way of polishing nails and removing polish them
- Basic nail art designs (such as multiple colors, flower, butterfly, and fingernail tip)

(For Personal Use):
- Proper way in cleaning fingernails.
- Proper way of applying nail polish on fingernails.
- Basic Nail Art Designs:

- Multiple Colors
- Fingernail Colored Tips
- How to Make Dots
- How to Draw Lines and Curves
- How to Draw Butterfly
- How to Draw Different Flowers
- How to Apply:
- Nail Art Stones/Gems
- Nail Art Stickers
- FIMO Nail Design

Advance Training: P850 per hour

Minimum Time: 3 hours

Maximum number of students in one training: 5



- How to Use 2-Way Pen in Designing Fingernails.
- How to Draw Characters.
- Mix and Match of Designs.
- How to do Water Marbling Nail Arts.
- How to Make Nail Arts Using Sponge.
- How to do One-Stroke using Acrylic Paint.

Package Prices for Freehand Nail Art Designing:

P4,256.00 (Includes: 2 Hours Basic Training + 2 Hours Advance Training + 1 Acrylic Kit)
*additional acrylic paint kit P1000

(Includes: 3 Hours Basic Training + 3 Hours Advance Training + 1 Acrylic Kit)
*additional acrylic kit paint P950

P6,496.00 (Includes: 4 Hours Basic Training + 4 Hours Advance Training + 1 Acrylic Kit)
*additional acrylic paint kit P900

P7,837.00 (Includes: 5 Hours Basic Training + 5 Hours Advance Training + 1 Acrylic Kit)
*additional acrylic paint kit P850

* Materials needed such as: nail art brush, nail polish, acetone, cotton, towel, cuticle remover, manicure tools, and other materials are not included and will be a separate payment.

* Transportation Fees are not included.

* Nail Art Decals Certificate of Training given to each student completing the training.

For reservations, kindly contact +63917 347 4541 and look for Bianca

or email at:


  1. i really admire u bianca! super duper love ur designs! keep it up girl.. God bless u! =)

  2. Hi Donna, thank u so much for your comment. I really do appreciate it.. :)

    Thanks for your compliments as well..

    Keep in touch and hope to see u again soon. :)

  3. Hi Bianca my wife and I are interested in setting up a nail business in either the Philippines or here in England, firstly we would need to train at least two of our relatives to a high standard, secondly we would like your advice on what we would need to purchase to set the business up, my wife will be in the Philippines (San Maeto Rizal) Jan/April 2011, her email is, so could you please correspond with her. Is there a certificate after training ?. Many Thanks

    Christopher I Allmark

  4. Hi Christopher,

    How are you? Im so sorry for the late reply.

    Anyways, for my training program, I have 2 kinds: Basic Training and Advance Training Program. This is usually done for 1 day or if you want, we can make it up to how many days you want, but that would minimum of 5 hours per day.

    I will email the email address that you have posted here so you know my email address, and can contact me there anytime.

    Please tell her to contact me
    at +63 917 347 4541 when she gets back to the Philippines or if you have other questions and/or concerns.

    Yes, I do give certificates after the Training Program, for you to show your clients that you have been trained and not just start a business without any knowledge in Nail Arts.

    By the way, I am located in Makati, but for my training, I am the one who goes to my client's/ student's place.

    For questions and other concerns, you can contact me at +63 917 347 4541 or email me at

    Thank you so much Christopher. Hope to hear from you again soon. :)
    Many Thanks.

    "Beautiful Nails for Beautiful Women"

    Bianca Santos
    Nail Art Decals