Monday, September 28, 2009

Gel Nails

Gel Nails

Gel nails
are the future of the nail industry and are said to be "the nails on the go" when you want beautiful nails that look natural.

Gel nails and acrylic nails are said to have similar results.

Although gel nails and acrylic nails have a lot in common, for example, they can strengthen nails, lengthen short nails, and they can both turn dull and ugly nails to any design to give you the beauty you want.

Gel nails often look more natural and glossy looking than other types of artificial nails. Gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement with thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous, and with resistant lifting characteristics.

Because the technique of applying gel nails is more specialized, there are not as many nail technicians qualified to apply and care for your desired new creations. So while there is a high demand there are relatively fewer salons providing this service and as a result the price does tend to be higher, but when you find a good nail technician keep them as they are worth the wait and searching.

Gel nails are said to be: "easy to learn but so hard to master", and it takes a trained manicurist to know the real art of applying these nails. Do not settle for less than the best as the result will be less than desired and you want to look your best for all occasions.

When wearing any kind of artificial nails, you should see your nail manicurist or nail technician every few weeks for them to maintain your nails in the best condition. Gel nails or any other kind of artificial nail will always damage your natural nail a little if they are not applied or removed correctly. There are some benefits to having gel nails instead of acrylic nails such as: being odorless, natural feeling and looking, thin, flexible, crystal clear, light-weight, and no lifting. Actually, having any form of artificial nails such as gel nails or acrylic nails doesn't really do a lot for your base nail, so once you have had your artificial nails done, you need to have a regular routine to keep them in good health.

Even though gel nails have benefits or advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Gel nails don't typically last that long compared to acrylic nails and gel nails also tend to cost more rather than acrylic nails. There are some nail polishes that are not designed to be applied to gel or acrylic nails and care must be taken to make sure that your polishes are the appropriate ones or damage may occur to the nail. Gel nails when broken shouldn't be repaired at home because it is a skilled technique so you need to contact your nail technician about this. However, acrylic nails are more easy to fix when broken and also, gel nails need to be filed on a regular basis and can't easily be removed by soaking.

When you want to remove the gel nails book an appointment with your nail technician as they will know the correct procedure for removing the artifical nail without damage to your own natural nail.

Being knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial nails will enable you to make enlightened decisions regarding the your real nail care and save your natural nails for damaging and chapping. Gel nails can be nice because they have fewer chemicals applied to your natural nail rather than the acrylic and other kinds of artificial nails, also consider the expenses of gel nails.

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