Monday, August 24, 2009

Nail Art

Nail Art is one of those things that I really do enjoy doing so much. It is said that a woman's nail art defines her very soul and herself as a person.

Nail art is one of the most versatile and latest fashion statements today. As many other art forms, nail art also requires wild imagination and creativity. This wild imagination and creativity gives way to plethora of unique and enduring designs and patterns.

Nail art brings out the best of my wild imagination and allows me to experiment with unique colors, patterns and designs.

Every time you do designs in nail art, you can have it depending on: what you’re wearing, what’s on your mind, what your mood is, what you like most, or just what you saw in other things.

My starting point for my nail art always begins with a blending of the colors in my mind. This is important so you’ll know that the design that you’re picking can be seen and can attract other people’s interest. Next thing I do is to imagine what design suits my nails; this may vary on what my mood is, what I’m wearing, or just like what’s my favorite shape. So with these steps, I can make my own nail art design uniquely and differently.

Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs nails. Therefore nail art can express your sense of art. Because these days the whole body aesthetic is so popular that nails and toenails are regarded as important to show a point of beauty.

If you want to look beautiful it's time to study your nail art.


  1. hey bianca! i love your designs esp the one with the orange and blue hues (which you said will take almost an hour to finish). yup, you were right, my friends like my nails. a guy friend even said " that's so posh!" thanks a whole lot. you were so patient. say hello to your hubby! more power to you and your business! - x -

  2. Hi,
    I'm really so sorry to just reply now..I am really sorry.
    Anyways, Im pretty much sure your one of my clients in the event for Philippine cAll Center right?!
    Thank you so much for attending and visiting my booth..Hope to do your nails again..soon :)
    Thanks for the compliments and the regards. Take care.

    we will do your nails with the design you like when Ill do your nails again..hehehe